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3 delicious drinks that will hit the spot this summer

Wednesday, August 01, 2018 by

With the summer heat hitting us across many parts of the world, the need for cool drinks and a sun shade are at the top of the priority list. Although water is a prime candidate, sometimes it’s nice to have other tastebud-tantalizing treats to refresh our body and mind at the cabin or in the backyard. These refreshing beverages don’t have to involve alcohol, sugar, or other nasty ingredients, and can be quite healthy and satisfying.

Here are three delicious drinks you should take the time to mix up this summer.

Homemade Sprite

There’s something about a cool, carbonated, and energizing drink that jives so well with summer. Many choose soda and all the toxic ingredients that come with it, but you can make your own very easily and make it much cleaner and just as energizing (without the crash).

To make a homemade Sprite, simply squeeze in half of a lemon and lime in a glass, add a healthy low glycemic sweetener like the Health Ranger’s Monk Fruit Extract Powder, and stir it in. Then add ice and sparkling water, and stir once more. It’s surprisingly delicious, without the added sugar and synthetic flavors.

So easy, so refreshing, and so much cleaner than the alternatives.

Turmeric lemonade

Lemonade is the quintessential summer drink, but if we add in the Queen of Spices – turmeric – it gets even more interesting and invigorating, due to the antioxidant and liver supporting benefits.



  • Put all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Makes 4 cups.

This drink will put some serious zip in your step.

Iced Coconut Cappuccino

When those warm days hit and the thought of a hot beverage makes you sweat, it can crimp the coffee habit. That is, if you don’t have any good recipes to take your favorite beverage and turn it into an icy treat.

This certainly isn’t a new idea, but many of the iced versions of coffee are non-organic, filled with sugar, and topped up with conventional dairy products. There are so many better ways to make an iced cap tasty and much healthier. This is one of them.



  • Put brewed coffee, ice, coconut milk powder and coconut sugar in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Adjust ingredients for preferred creaminess and sweetness.

Not only will you get your coffee in, you can expect this experience to cool you down while giving you that much needed boost when the summer heat saps your energy.

There’s many other fizzy drinks you could create that are incredibly refreshing and healthy, including this lemonade kefir recipe which adds in a nice dose of enzymes and probiotics for good measure. It works as a great mix too for any “adult” beverages you may consume.

Enjoy your summer, and make it a safe one!

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